Week 2 Training

5 02 2009

Week 2 Training

Week 2 has been similar to Week 1:

  • Monday – 300 yd swim
  • Tuesday – chest/back heavy
  • Wednesday – 10 mile bike
  • Thursday – shoulders/arms
  • Friday – 2.5 mile run
  • Saturday – OFF – light cardio if desired
  • Sunday – OFF – light cardio if desired

We’re up to Thursday and the training has been going smoothly. It hasn’t been too difficult, but next week should ramp it up a bit. If you start to have trouble, remember the actual part of training isn’t necessarily going to be fun. When it’s over you should feel rewarded, relaxed, and content with yourself. It’s not supposed to be easy, either. A little story for inspiration:

I saw a friend the other day who I hadn’t seen in a few months and the last time we spoke he told me he was going to the P.F. Chang’s Marathon in Tempe. I was skeptical – not because I didn’t think he could do it, but just because I hear a lot of people have lofty goals and don’t put the time and effort into achieving them. mind-over-matterWell, sure enough, on his foot was a tattoo of 26.2 – he got it the day after he finished the marathon, in under four hours by the way. I asked him how much he trained and he said in all actuality he probably only ran a TOTAL of 26 miles in the entire time before the race. That means for every day he trained the mileage only added up to around 26 miles – the total length of the race. Now, this is not common and I don’t recommend trying this because it could be physically dangerous. But the point of the story, and where our conversation kept going back to, was the mental aspect of long distance competition. An Olympic Triathlon could take anywhere from 2 – 4 hours, on average. A marathon is pretty similar if you run it well. This seems like a long time for your body to be in continuous motion, but the body can handle it, I assure you. There is no doubt it takes its toll. But we are scientifically resilient. In our society, we have become accustomed to so much sitting and so much comfort throughout the years that we think pain is a bad thing. But realistically our bodies crave physical punishment because it makes them stronger and able to fight off sickness and disease. Do yourself a favor and get out there. It only gets easier the longer you do it.

Good luck.




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